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Every Story has a Beginning

In Loving Memory of VIP'S Mr. Sonny Dee

Mine begins with a trophy.

Who is this horse? What is his story? Who were his people? What prompted the creation of this trophy?

In October, at the State Fair, I was having a conversation with Richard Isley about the old trophy room. Since taking over the Fair he has been trying to go through things that had been inherited. Ultimately he would love to bring some of these perpetual awards back into rotation. Of course I am 100% on board with this and decided to do some research.

This is the point my journey begins.

I have always believed that to appreciate the future you need to understand the past. I knew that I wanted to collect as many local stories and history as I possibly can and create a digital history of North Carolina's Appaloosas. My first stop was the ApHC, I wrote to inquire about acquiring some old show results. After months of back of forth I get the feeling that The Journal is their only form of record keeping. In the meantime I have been going through the North Carolina Digital Archives, which has brought to light quite of a bit of neat information.

What I have come to realize is that our history is scattered in the wind. The board members have their personal recollections, which we are putting together, however in order to accomplish this herculean task I will need the assistance of the members.

Please if you have a story you want to preserve and share email

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